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Massages & Treatments

Treat yourself to some pampering and enjoy wellness treatments during your vacation! Right across from our 4-star hotel in the Zillertal, you can relax at the Kurinstitut with an expert, attentive staff. We ask that you make appointments by telephone for your wellness vacation at Hotel Riedl in order to securely reserve your wellness treatment. (Tel. +43 5283 2227)

Wellness offer

A comprehensive overview of massages and treatments is available upon request.
Here is a small excerpt from our wellness offer:

Classic massage:

The muscles will be relaxed, tension will be relieved, and circulation to the skin and muscles will be increased. 

  • Partial-body massage - 25 min. - € 36
  • Full-body massage - 45 min. - € 66

Lymph drainage:

Relaxing, stroking massage that reduces swelling and gently stimulates the removal of toxins. 

  • 30 min. - € 38
  • 45 min. - € 56